Our Story

Becky and Nate

It all began at a house party in the fall of 2004. Becky was enjoying her senior year at UWEC and Nate was feeling much too old to fit-in at the fraternity house party. Many friendly exchanges were made, but neither knew that these friendly conversations were just the beginning.

Becky's date for a fraternity formal got sick the evening before the event and was not able to attend. Nate, showing true chivalry, offered to take her. They had an amazing evening together. From that night on they were inseparable.

Save The Date
Saturday, June 9th, 2007

In March 2005, Nate moved to the cities to begin a new job with Best Buy. Becky graduated in May from UWEC with a degree in Psychology and moved-in with Nate. Shortly after Becky took a job as a leasing agent at The Atrium Apartments.

That September Becky and Nate decided to look into buying their first home. Within a few short months they found the house they had to have and closed on their 1 year anniversary! After the closing Becky and Nate enjoyed a nice dinner out with the biggest surprise still to come for Becky.

After dinner Becky received her gift. Under the wrapping was an antique dictionary in which Nate had cut-out a section to hide a gorgeous diamond ring. Down on one knee, right there in the restaurant, he asked Becky to spend the rest of her life with him. Becky, with tears in her eyes, said "Yes!"